About Ivan Bejarano

Ivan Bejarano
Professional Martial Artist in Karate-Do

Discipline: Karate-Do
Style: Shoto kan
Specialty: Kumite and Kata
Dan: Master, 6th Dan


  • Member Karate State Team of the State of Miranda since 1986
  • Member Venezuelan Karate National Team 1991 to 2000
  • Captain of National Karate Team in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999
  • Member National Federation of Karate since 1986


  • Most Outstanding Athlete at the South American Championship in Brazil, 1993
  • Best Athlete of the Year elected by the Association of Karate of the State of Miranda in Caracas, Venezuela, 1994, 1996 and 1997
  • Special Recognition by the International Olympic Committee in the first class, Caracas, Venezuela, 1997
  • Captain of the Venezuela National Team in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999
  • Recognition as the Best Athlete by the J.K.R. of Valencia, Venezuela, 1998
  • Bronze recognition as one of the best athletes of the National Team of Karate of Venezuela

NATIONAL RANKING, National Adult Championships (Venezuela):

  • 1986 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-75kg)
  • 1987 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-75kg)
  • 1988 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-75kg)
  • 1989 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-75kg)
  • 1990 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-80kg)
  • 1991 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-80kg)
  • 1992 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-80kg)
  • 1993 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-80kg)
  • 1994 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-80kg)
  • 1995 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-80kg)
  • 1996 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-80kg)
  • 1997 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-80kg)
  • 1998 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-80kg)
  • 1999 Individual and Team Kumite Champion ranked  #1 (-80kg)

REGIONAL Adult Championship (Venezuela)

  • 1999 Individual Kumite Champion ranked #1 Center Occidental
  • 1998 Individual Kumite Champion ranked #1 Center Occidental
  • 1994 Individual Kumite Champion ranked #1 Center Oriental
  • 1995 Individual Kumite Champion ranked #1 Center Oriental
  • 1996 Individual Kumite Champion ranked #1 Center Oriental
  • 1997 Individual Kumite Champion ranked #1 Center Oriental
  • 1998 Individual Kumite Champion ranked #1 Center Oriental
  • 1999 Individual Kumite Champion ranked #1 Center Oriental

World Championships of J.K.R. (Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai):

  • World champion three times: Japan, 1993 and 2003; and Venezuela, 1995.

International Championships JKR, Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai:

  • 2000 Individual Champion in Valencia, Venezuela
  • 1997 Individual Kata Champion, Individual and Kumite Team in Anaheim, USA

Bolivarian Sport Games in Venezuela, 1996, and in Peru, 1997:

  • 1996 Individual Kumite Champion and Team Champion (Venezuela)
  • 1997 Team Champion in Kumite, and Silver medal in Individual (Peru)

South American Sport Games:

  • Individual Champion four times: Brazil, 1993; Lima, Peru, 1996; Quito, Ecuador, 1997; and Cuenca, Ecuador, 1997

Pan-American Championships:

  • 1997 Bronze medal Lima, Peru
  • 1997 Bronze medal in Dominican Republic
  • 1994 Individual and Team Bronze medals in Miami, USA

Central American and Caribbean Sport Games:

  • Bronze medal in Kumite Individual (Venezuela)

International Tournament Ryeui Ryu, San Diego, USA:

  • 1998 Champion in Individual Kumite

South American Games

  • 1994 Champion Kumite individual (Venezuela)

Simon Bolivar Cup

  • 1998 Champion in Kumite team, Caracas, Venezuela

Member of the United States National Team to compete at the 1990 World Karate Championship held in Dubai

The Caracas Daily (El Diario de Caracas) Venezuela
The Last News (Ultimas Noticias) Venezuela
The National (El Nacional) Venezuela
The Universal (El Universal) Venezuela
The Pulse (El Impuso) Venezuela
The Carabobeno (El Carabobeno) Venezuela
The Viewer (Diario El Espectador del Centro)
The Century (El Siglo) Venezuela

8 Responses to About Ivan Bejarano

  1. John Jude says:

    Ivan, it was great to meet you last weekend.

    God Bless;
    John Jude

  2. ramon cruz says:

    Hola amigo´soy Ramon Cruz de Caracas ( dojo Sta.Paula). Me recuerdas ? Ahora vivo en España desde hace 13 años y te ví en unas fotos que me trajeron muchos y gratos recuerdos de cuando practicábamos juntos…escribe

  3. George Matthews says:


    It is great to see you are doing well. I will see you sometime in the future.

    Those who do not know Sensei Ivan, he is without a doubt among one of the best instructors of Japan Karate-do.


  4. H M Vijayakumara says:

    Dear sir ,

    I Sensei H .M Vijayakumara 6 Dan serve as an Chief instructor of Shotokan Karate Association in Sri Lanka and I would wish to participate with my team if you have any tournament programmer and Training Camp in your country . And we shall maintain our friendship . And I trust that, It will be easier to me for growing up my skills. Therefore would you please be kind enough to inform us if there is any programme .

    Thanking your sir .
    Yours faithfully ,
    H M Vijayakumara – SriLanka

  5. Judith Morera says:

    Buenas noches, Sensei Ivan Bejarano,

    Me agrada mucho ver tan ilustrativa página Web.

    Mi hijo, Aaron García, practica Karate con el Sensei Martin Materano en Venezuela y nos gustaría asistir a alguna de tus clases. Nosotros estamos en Miami y sabemos de tu trayectoria y de tu crecimiento en el karate.
    Aaron es 1 Kyu.

    Gracias de antemano y saludos,
    Judith Morera

  6. Diane Brito-Wigfall says:

    Dear Sensei Bejarano,
    Thank you for an amazing day of training and instruction while attending ASI Executive Protection Training for Bodyguards. Your experience and advance techniques for survival and “hands on hand” training is beyond elite and superior.
    I will remain steadfast as I combine my martial arts training and your advance skills to master my career in this industry.
    God Bless You,
    Sensei Diane Brito-Wigfall

  7. Rod Angstadt says:

    2 things I would recommend.You do a tramendous job as instruction…of That you can be sure of. My student is Kate Angstadt. Thank you for your patience and time with her. Outside we need need in the coming months a high speed industrial fan which is run on 110 volt which we can run by the outlet by the door,
    It pushes thes the wind south to north which allevites the mosquitios outside and pushes the the cigarette smoke away from the doma. I will be happy to pay for it and that alleviates that problem. Secondly I will be and I am sure that their are others that will come in and take you on one on one where they see and actuual demomostation as street thuhugs they will run into.
    My only request is that you dont kill me and put me in the the hospital as as I an in reahab for my conditions. I think with the summer months coming and the mosquitos who i got nailed by nine bites from the other night the fan is an excellent idea. Livining here for 30 years I would know.
    Thank you for your paitience and your masterful shills with my daughter who will one day be one of your best students?
    Rod angstadtr@bellsouth.net
    5614008300 cell

    • Hirany says:

      Thank you very much! I work hard for the best of my students. I think the fan is a great idea, I did it before a couple of times in summer with a regular fan,I bet an industrial one will do a better job. The lady next door… I always give her a speech about quitting smoking, hopefully one day she will listen.I am pretty sure Kate will become an amazing student, great girl with great potential and attitude. Any time, I am ready to teach you some street moves, I will never kill you or send you to the hospital, remember KARATE is all about CONTROL! See you next class!!

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